About us

KAMELEON RECORDS is a record label focused on old Polish rock.

Our specialty is carefully developed CDs and LPs with unpublished rock and beat material from the 60’s and 70’s and re-editions of the classical albums from those times.

Every CD includes a comprehensive colour book rich with unique photographs and detailed descriptions of the featured recordings.

The CD re-editions of vinyl releases retain all the detail of the original covers (both the front and the back) and are enhanced with (mostly never published before) additional recordings.

We also carry out first-time vinyl releases of the material published before on a different medium. Each LP has a robust laminated fold-out cover. The deluxe colourful vinyl versions are also shipped with posters and books.

All materials are remastered straight from master tapes with utmost care to retain the original authentic sound without excessive compression or noise reduction.

Releases from Kameleon Records cannot be obtained in record shop chains. They are released in relatively low numbers and are addressed to collectors, enthusiasts and all those who value high album quality.

Top sound quality and attention to both the content and the editorial side

We release LPs, CDs and DVDs

Each LP has a robust laminated fold-out cover

Our releases cannot be found in record shop chains

All Kameleon Records releases are enhanced with unique photographs

Wszystkich oczekujących na nowe płyty w katalogu Kameleona informujemy, że opóźnienia w tłoczniach (już nie tylko LP ale i CD) są obecnie tak ogromne, iż podawanie terminu wydania kolejnych pozycji byłoby czystą loterią. O galopujących cenach produkcji, przerastających powoli nasze możliwości finansowe nawet nie wspominamy. Obawiamy się zatem, że realny jest scenariusz przewidujący, że w tym roku nie ukaże się już żadna nowość.