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Sprzedaj mnie wiatrowi

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Bemibek, one of the greatest and the most interesting Polish bands of the early 70’s, successfully combined jazz with rock and Latin music. Bemibek’s musicians were both good instrumentalists and singers. Their vocals were mostly scatted. Beside their own songs, Bemibek performed a number of inventively arranged covers of worldwide hits by artists such as The Beatles, The Doors, and Santana. One of Poland’s greatest singers, Ewa Bem, made her début in Bemibek.

This CD collects the band’s COMPLETE radio recordings for the first time in history.

22 recordings, over 78 minutes of music !!


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Catalogue number: KAMCD 41

Only 7 out of 22 songs on the CD have been released before, with the remaining 15 never published

3 recordings from the EP released in 1971 in mono by Polskie Nagrania; now straight from the original master tapes in full stereo !!!

Special two extra Bemibek’s radio recordings and a recording from the same period by Ewa Bem and Aleksander Bem with session musicians

Edition in a tastefully crafted, fold-out card sleeve with a colour book and a special CD envelope

All tracks remastered straight from the master tapes


  1. Sprzedaj mnie wiatrowi (3'25)
  2. Dzień na szczęście (3'22)
  3. Babulka (3'29)
  4. Narwańce polne (stereo) (2'51)
  5. Gajor Dziuni (wersja 1) (5'31)
  6. Light My Fire (4'12)
  7. Cul-de-Sac (stereo) (2'44)
  8. Let It Be (3'44)
  9. Panie co pan (stereo) (1'49)
  10. Słuchaj jak cię noc woła (3'19)
  11. Call Me (2'27)
  12. Gajor Dziuni (wersja 2) (4'13)
  13. Wycieczka-ucieczka (3'54)
  14. I’ll Never Fall In Love Again (2'56)
  15. With A Little Help From My Friends (2'52)
  16. Nie bójmy się wiosny (wersja radiowa) (3'23)
  17. Oye como va (4'41)
  18. Kolorowe lato (wersja radiowa) (4'07)
  19. Podaruj mi trochę słońca (wersja radiowa) (3'39)
  20. Zawsze mamy siebie (wersja radiowa) (2'47)
  21. Śnieżna samba (3'03)
  22. Po co jechać do Werony (4'51)

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