Carmen Azuar

Caminos del sur / Drogi poludnia

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Kameleon Records broadens their scope of activity in this album. From now on, besides old Polish rock music, we will occasionally present some of the most interesting (in our opinion) contemporary artistic achievements from various music styles. Such releases will be based on music quality rather than genre. This new branch of activity will be covered by a new catalogue numbering system KAMDISC.

Caminos del sur/Drogi południa (the southern roads) by Carmen Azúar–Tomasz Kaszubowski duet is composed of amazingly melodious songs from the Spanish and Latin American cultures.

The voice and the guitar form the foundation of the song. Percussion instruments and the piano occasionally join in.

A perfect choice for those who like to immerse themselves in calmer, melodious sound performed at the highest level possible.

A tasteful edition in a double fold-out digipack with a 20-page booklet.

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  1. El Vagabundo (3'29)
          01 El Vagabundo
  2. José Antonio (2'55)
          02 José Antonio
  3. Al Jardín de la República (2'55)
          03 Al Jardín de la República
  4. María la Portugesa (4'53)
          04 María la Portugesa
  5. Limeña (2'33)
          05 Limena
  6. Muñequita Linda (3'52)
          06 Munequita Linda
  7. Son de la Loma (3'03)
          07 Son de la Loma
  8. Andante (3'00)
          08 Andante
  9. La Noche (3'15)
          09 La Noche
  10. Quiero Abrazarte Tanto (2'56)
          10 Quiero Abrazarte Tanto
  11. Habaneras de Cádiz (5'13)
          11 Habaneras de Cádiz
  12. Vals Venezolano (2'52)
          12 Vals Venezolano
  13. Tango (A Media Luz) (3'05)
          13 Tango (A Media Luz)
  14. Sabor a Mi (3'00)
          14 Sabor a Mi
  15. Zielony kraj (3'31)
          15 Zielony kraj

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