Sentimental Journey (rare TV and live recordings 1958-62)

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We present a CD that features authentic rare recordings of Cliff Richard (most with The Shadows) from 1958-1962.

ANYONE of these recordings (in these versions) didn’t appear on any catalog on CDs and compilations released for years by EMI, and now by Warner Music.

Most of the recordings come from TV programs made at the turn of the 50s and 60s and also we added some rare concert recordings from the same period.

The quality of archival recordings is very acceptable but not perfect. However, after very careful mastering, they sound better than ever. The whole material has been edited so that there are no pauses between the recordings and you can listen to them like one long performance.

Release is an absolute must-have for all collectors Cliff’ and Shads’ rare recordings.

CD was released in a gatefold laminated card sleeve and includes a special insert for disc reminiscent of Columbia’ singles company sleeves from late 50s.

38 recordings and over 79 minutes of music !!!

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Catalogue number: DUSTYCD 02 Gatunek: Beat, Rock ‘n’ Roll
Nośnik: CD
  1. High Class Baby (from ‘Oh Boy!’ TV show 1958) (1'39)
  2. I Can’t Go On (Rosalie) (from ‘Oh Boy!’ TV show 1958) (1'19)
  3. Lucky Pierre (from ‘The Cliff Richard Show’ 1960) (2'02)
  4. Move It (from ‘The Cliff Richard Show’ 1960) (2'30)
  5. I Cannot Find A True Love (from ‘The Cliff Richard Show’ 1960) (2'33)
  6. Willie Did The Cha Cha (from ‘The Cliff Richard Show’ 1960) (2'23)
  7. What’d I Say (from ‘The Cliff Richard Show’ 1960) (2'37)
  8. Twenty Flight Rock (from ‘The Cliff Richard Show’ 1960) (1'38)
  9. A Teenager’s Romance (from ‘The Cliff Richard Show’ 1960) (1'35)
  10. Fall In Love With You (from ‘The Cliff Richard Show’ 1960) (2'21)
  11. Mean Woman Blues (from ‘The Cliff Richard Show’ 1960) (2'15)
  12. Gee Whizz It’s You (from ‘The Cliff Richard Show’ 1960) (1'47)
  13. Down The Line (from ‘The Cliff Richard Show’ 1960) (2'13)
  14. Please Don’t Tease (from ‘The Cliff Richard Show’ 1960) (2'56)
  15. Love (from ‘The Cliff Richard Show’ 1960) (2'31)
  16. Living Doll (from ‘Royal Variety Performance’ 1960) (1'18)
  17. Ready Teddy (from ‘Royal Variety Performance’ 1960) (1'45)
  18. I Love You (from ‘Val Parnell’s Saturday Spectacular TV Show’ 1960) (2'02)
  19. Almost Like Being In Love (from ‘Cliff!’ TV show 1961) (2'07)
  20. Nine Times Out Of Ten (from ‘Cliff!’ TV show 1961) (2'03)
  21. King Creole (from ‘Cliff!’ TV show 1961) (1'23)
  22. Rubber Ball (from ‘Cliff!’ TV show 1961) (2'32)
  23. Travellin’ Light (from ‘Cliff!’ TV show 1961) (2'19)
  24. My Heart Stood Still (from ‘Cliff!’ TV show 1961) (1'21)
  25. Lover (from ‘Cliff!’ TV show 1961) (1'51)
  26. Temptation (from ‘Cliff!’ TV show 1961) (2'23)
  27. Sentimental Journey (from ‘Cliff!’ TV show 1961) (2'05)
  28. Apache (from ‘Cliff!’ TV show 1961) (2'41)
  29. Don’t Be Mad At Me (from ‘Cliff!’ TV show 1961) (2'05)
  30. In A Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening (from ‘Cliff!’ TV show 1961) (1'55)
  31. Lucille (from ‘Cliff!’ TV show 1961) (1'18)
  32. Mumblin’ Mosie (from ‘Cliff!’ TV show 1961) (2'13)
  33. Fever (from ‘Cliff!’ TV show 1961) (2'38)
  34. Theme For A Dream (from ‘Cliff!’ TV show 1961) (1'58)
  35. Goodness Gracious Me ! (from ‘Cliff!’ TV show 1961) (2'43)
  36. Day In, Day Out (from ‘Cliff!’ TV show 1961) (2'00)
  37. The Young Ones (from ‘Royal Variety Performance’ 1962) (2'14)
  38. Do You Wanna Dance (from ‘Royal Variety Performance’ 1962) (1'59)

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