Grupa Stress

On A Hard Rock Way 1972-73 (super deluxe)

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Stress is the first true Polish power trio. The band played a rough and dark kind of rock marked by heavy and catchy riffs, dazzling guitar solos, dynamic drums and a massive bass sound. Stress readily experimented with the sound (e.g. playing it backwards) and made use of the flute, vibraphone and violin in their songs. It is hard to believe that this band, today almost forgotten, back then in Poznań’s PR studio recorded stunning European-level material clearly better than the overrated songs played by Polish rock celebrities of that time.

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A reissue of a long sold-out, sought-after vinyl hit. Now packed in a colour cover and with a slightly modified design on the inside, available in 3 versions.

This record collects complete recordings of Grupa Stress from 1972-1973, recorded within four radio sessions.

All tracks have been remastered from the original master tapes and sound excellent

SUPER DELUXE EDITION – engraved on a transparent vinyl record, contains an additional 12-page book rich with incredible photos of the band members

Only 100 copies have been produced!


  1. Ciężką drogą (7'50)
          01 CIEZKA DROGA
  2. Wśród krzyży z ramionami (5'16)
  3. Konfiteor (3'01)
          03 KONFITEOR
  4. Granica życia (4'29)
          04 GRANICA ZYCIA
  5. Dwa lata świetlne (3'29)
          05 DWA LATA SWIETLNE
  6. Granica życia (wersja 2) (4'55)
          06 GRANICA ZYCIA
  7. Fatamorgana (3'03)
          07 FATAMORGANA
  8. Ciężką drogą (wersja 2) (6'13)
          08 CIEZKA DROGA
  9. Hazard (2'55)
          09 HAZARD
  10. Cybernetyczna pamięc dnia (4'21)
  11. Inkwizycja (4'49)
          12 Impresja w E

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