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Powiedz stary gdzies ty byl (2014 remaster)

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Called the ‘Polish John Lennon’, singer Krzysztof Klenczon is a real rock legend in Poland. A guitarist and composer gifted with an unforgettable voice, Klenczon began his career in the band Niebiesko-Czarni. He later joined a less popular band Pięciolinie, which evolved into Czerwone Gitary, Poland’s most popular beat band. When Klenczon left the band in 1970, he began his solo career, progressing towards slightly heavier guitar rock and hard rock. In 1971 he assembled the band Trzy Korony, with which he recorded one of the greatest and the most sought-after Polish rock LPs. In 1972 he moved to USA, where in 1977 he recorded a pop-rock-country album under the name “Christopher”. He recorded his last pop album in Poland while touring in 1978. Unfortunately, orchestral and rather peculiar arrangements of some of his demos were later recorded and released with neither his participation nor consent. Krzysztof Klenczon died in a tragic car accident in 1981 in the USA.

This album is an edition of Krzysztof Klenczon’s last (third) album, released for the first time on a single CD, remastered and extended with additional recordings and a DVD.

14 extra recordings, over 79 minutes of music !!!


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Catalogue number: KAMCD 32

The CD is the first in history featuring the exact, unmodified front and the back of the original vinyl release cover, along with the original label.

Uncut (not fading out too early) versions of all songs

8 songs from the concert in Poznań (24 October 1979)

5 completely unknown demos, recorded at home without lyrics

Early demo version of Powiedz stary gdzieś ty był

An additional DVD (region 0) with Polish Television coverage of Krzysztof Klenczon’s concert (31 October 1979)

20-page colour booklet, containing lyrics of the included songs and plenty of unpublished photographs and materials from the archive of the musician’s widow, Alicja Klenczon.

  1. Więc jesteś tu (2'52)
  2. Natalie - piękniejszy świat (6'43)
  3. Droga pełna słońca (2'49)
  4. Tylko kochaj mnie (2'46)
  5. Muzyko z tamtej strony dnia (3'30)
  6. Wiśniowy sad (4'03)
  7. Latawce z moich stron (4'25)
  8. 10 w skali Beauforta (2'20)
  9. Daleka rzeko (4'09)
  10. Wróćmy na jeziora (4'22)
  11. Powiedz stary gdzieś ty był (live) (1'35)
  12. Muzyko z tamtej strony dnia (live) (3'03)
  13. Natalie - piękniejszy świat (live) (6'22)
  14. Biały krzyż (live) (3'36)
  15. Wiśniowy sad (live) (2'44)
  16. Latawce z moich stron (live) (4'22)
  17. Nie mów nic (live) (2'34)
  18. 10 w skali Beauforta (live) (2'19)
  19. Demo #6 (2'28)
  20. Demo #7 (2'20)
  21. Demo #8 (2'19)
  22. Demo #9 (1'35)
  23. Demo #10 (3'11)
  24. Powiedz stary gdzieś ty był (demo) (1'47)

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