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Los Navarros

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While new big beat and rock releases are still in the making, we offer on our website one more CD with Latin American music.

This album by the guitar-and-vocals trio Los Navarros was recorded 18 years ago. It features Latin American world-know hits like La Bamba, Guantanamera and La cancion del mariachi, pop songs largely inspired by South America (Perfidia, Quien sera), as well as folk songs and instrumental themes from Argentina, Brazil, Cuba and Mexico (Si tu me dices ven, Cielo rojo, Milonga).

The copies produced by Steen & Strom are long sold-out, and the last dozen copies are now available here because one of the band’s members, Paweł Nawara, is a co-founder of Kameleon Records.

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Catalogue number: S&S 001

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