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Zegnajcie najmilsze lata

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Today almost forgotten, Nastolatki are a beat band from the mid-60’s whose over a dozen recordings have survived to the present day.

For the first time in history !!!

A complete set of (100% unpublished) surviving recordings of Nastolatki (“teenagers”), a legendary band from Wroclaw.

16 recordings, over 44 minutes of music !!!

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Catalogue number: KAMCD 71

Those who take the band’s playful name seriously and expect to hear nice, catchy tunes are in for a shock. Contrary to their (somewhat infantile and innocent) name, Nastolatki’s music will surprise you from the beginning.

After their early period of activity, when the band performed mostly instrumental songs enriched with a number of unconventional melodies drawing on The Shadows’ style, they evolved into a real sensation.

The band’s trademark became fierce vocals, distorted guitar parts, garage sound, and melody patterns that at that time were shocking to the Polish audience. Nastolatki drew freely on the American garage beat (in style of The Seeds or The Shadows of Knight) and British rhythm and blues (influenced by The Rolling Stones and The Yardbirds). These elements made them one of the most fascinating bands of their era.

The material has been recovered from the master tapes and the best preserved copies by the band’s leader Aleksander Nowacki.

Edition in a fold-out sleeve with a special CD envelope.

More than a must for all Polish big beat fans and those who track the beginnings of our Polish rock music.

  1. Grają Nastolatki (1'23)
  2. Z miejsca na miejsce (2'04)
  3. Żegnajcie najmilsze lata (2'13)
  4. Pozdrowienia od synka (3'01)
  5. Mieszkam sobie na poddaszu (1'56)
  6. Zabawa (3'29)
  7. Dość kłamstwa (3'51)
  8. Zmienisz się (2'43)
  9. Wciąż przed siebie (Opole 1964) (2'30)
  10. Cztery słońca (Opole 1964) (2'20)
  11. Zawsze sam (Gdańsk 1966) (2'19)
  12. I znowu wokół szary dzień (Gdańsk 1966) (3'53)
  13. Dość kłamstwa (Gdańsk 1966) (4'06)
  14. Podkład instrumentalny #1 (2'19)
  15. Podkład instrumentalny #2 (2'35)
  16. Podkład instrumentalny #3 (2'44)

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