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Na betonie kwiaty nie rosną

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Niebiesko-Czarni was one of the most popular Polish youth bands. The band began with playing typical rock ‘n’ roll, gradually progressing through beat towards rhythm and blues, soul, underground, experimental, and progressive rock music, the last of which is represented by the band’s first Polish rock opera Naga.

This CD is a wonderful selection of Niebiesko-Czarni’s mostly never published radio and TV recordings from 1969 to 1970, a period in the band’s history most oriented toward underground and experimental music.

17 recordings, over 66 minutes of music !!!

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Catalogue number: KAMCD 52
  • The CD features a complete set of surviving Niebiesko-Czarni’s recordings (except album and live versions) from years between 1969 (songs not included in the album Adagio cantabile) and 1970. The set contains instrumental pieces, as well as vocal ones, performed by Wojciech Korda and Ada Rusowicz.

    The CD’s spontaneous, lively radio versions are far better than the conservative versions known from the band’s albums (e.g. the incredible Hendrix-like Lot na Wenus)

    The CD contains the legendary Andrea Doria, known from Nad potokiem baby piorą EP as well as Hej bystra woda in a rock TV version from 1970.

    Exclusive edition in a tastefully crafted, fold-out card sleeve with a 20-page booklet (full of excellent photos from that period, with a professional description of the band’s history) and a special CD envelope

    All tracks have been remastered from the original master tapes and the best preserved copies.

    Why search for the band’s rare recordings in popular compilations (mostly badly edited and unofficial) when you can invest in a well-organised, true compendium of knowledge on the band’s music?

    The release prepared with the help of the band’s soloist, Wojciech Korda

  1. Lot na Wenus (wersja radiowa) (6'51)
  2. Nad potokiem baby piorą (3'13)
  3. Joanna d’Arc (2'58)
  4. Bądź ty mi dziewczyną (wersja radiowa) (3'22)
  5. Fatamorgana (4'32)
  6. Każdy kij dwa końce ma (3'31)
  7. Kiedy przebije się źródło (3'11)
  8. Hej, bystra woda (wersja telewizyjna) (3'14)
  9. Andrea Doria (4'46)
  10. Kawaliry (2'06)
  11. Stary las (wersja radiowa) (4'23)
  12. Zapytaj za kilka lat (3'15)
  13. Na betonie kwiaty nie rosną (wersja radiowa) (5'05)
  14. Otocz mnie ramieniem (4'26)
  15. Trzecia część nocy (2'56)
  16. Tam pod Kołobrzegiem (3'54)
  17. Sabre Dance (4'24)

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