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Długo się znamy

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Polanie is the first Polish supergroup, founded in 1965 by the instrumentalists from the earlier most popular Polish beat bands of the 60’s, Czerwono-Czarni and Niebiesko-Czarni.

In their first period of activity, they mostly played instrumental covers of Western jazz and beat standards. Inspired by their performances together with the legendary The Animals, they turned toward somewhat more aggressive blues and rhythm and blues, becoming the most impressive Polish band of that period.

This CD is an excellent selection of Polanie’s radio, TV, and concert recordings T

The album is complemented by 7 recordings from 1968 by Nowi Polanie, the original band’s spinoff, which was oriented toward soul music with some psychedelic influences.

The album is the first of the planned 2-part series covering all Polanie’s unreleased (radio, TV and concert) recordings from 1965 to 1968.

ALL songs for the first time on a CD !!!

26 recordings, over 79 minutes of music !!!

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Catalogue number: KAMCD 69

The album portrays Polanie at the height of their career when the band, fascinated by the performances of The Animals, The Rolling Stones, and The Yardbirds, played true blues and rhythm and blues unmatched in the Polish scene of that period.

6 songs are radio versions of the songs from one of Polanie’s LPs.

19 songs with no album versions whatsoever

Two unique concert recordings Can-Can and Nie wiem sam from years 1966/67

7 songs with jazz and soul inclinations, all that have ever been produced by Nowi Polanie, a spinoff band with vocalists Wojciech Skowroński and Dana Lerska.

Material remastered from master tapes and the best preserved copies

Sound scrupulously restored without excessive compression and noise reduction

More than a must for all fans of Polish rock, big beat and rhythm and blues.

20-page colour booklet with plenty of unique photographs

  1. A ty pocałujesz mnie (wersja radiowa) (3'03)
  2. Nie tylko ty (wersja 1) (2'25)
  3. Nie lubię się wzruszać (2'04)
  4. Ciebie wybrałem (wersja radiowa) (3'17)
  5. Cool Jerk (wersja radiowa) (3'05)
  6. Deszcz i wiatr (3'16)
  7. Tak niewiele w życiu mam (2'22)
  8. Lucille (4'10)
  9. Nie wiem sam (wersja radiowa) (2'08)
  10. Nieprawda, nie wierzę (wersja radiowa) (4'14)
  11. Boom Boom (3'24)
  12. Długo się znamy (wersja radiowa) (2'47)
  13. Podobni do mew (3'07)
  14. Dziwny dom (2'59)
  15. Złoty saksofon (4'02)
  16. Nie tylko ty (wersja 2) (2'27)
  17. Every Little Bit Hurts (4'38)
  18. Can Can (Gitariada 1966) (2'12)
  19. Nie wiem sam (Zgaduj Zgadula 1967) (2'19)
  20. Śniło mi się (3'25)
  21. Do jeziora spadła gwiazda (3'34)
  22. Rzuciłbym to wszystko (2'27)
  23. Piekło i niebo (3'05)
  24. Zenek (2'23)
  25. Pierwszy dzień jesieni (2'50)
  26. Ty, wszędzie ty (2'19)

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