Nurt (same) (2013 remaster)

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This album is probably the greatest and the most appreciated Polish heavy progressive album in the world, full of Hendrix-like guitar licks, overdriven bass phrases and dynamic drums. The album’s effortless vocals capture the listener’s attention. The sitar has been used for the first time in the history of Polish music and some notable guests, e.g. the Polish jazz legend Tomasz Stańko, participated in the recording.


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The CD is the first in history featuring the exact, unmodified front and the back of the original vinyl release cover.

20-page colour book contains:

History of the band and the album recording process told specifically for this release by Alek Mrożek, Nurt’s guitarist and Andrzej Kuryło, the author of the lyrics.

Many unique photographs

Lyrics of all songs

Remastered, dynamic sound straight from the master tapes

  1. Kto ma dziś czas (3'18)
          01 Kto Ma Dzis Czas
  2. Synowie nocy (3'49)
          02 Synowie Nocy
  3. Będziesz panią w moim piekle (3'31)
          03 Bedziesz Pania W Moim Piekle
  4. Holograficzne widmo (3'59)
          04 Holograficzne Widmo
  5. Gdyby przebaczać mogli wszyscy (3'10)
          05 Gdyby Przebaczac Mogli Wszyscy
  6. Morze ognia (3'07)
          06 Morze Ognia
  7. Parter na klaustrofobię (4'01)
          07 Parter Na Klaustrofobie
  8. Piszę kredą na asfalcie (5'43)
          08 Pisze Kreda Na Asfalcie
  9. Syn strachu (9'39)
          09 Syn Strachu

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