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Aires latinos

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This album is an exception within Kameleon Records’ catalogue.

A mixture of Latin American, classical, and folk music, performed on two classical guitars

Wonderful melodies and arrangements at the highest artistic level

A musical remedy for daily problems, offering a moment of relaxation in our extremely commercialised times


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Catalogue number: KAMCD 70

A re-edition of a long sold out album released for the first time in 2006 by CD Accord

The album has been enhanced with three recordings not found in the previous edition

The album has won, among others, II Program Polskiego Radia’s “album of the week” award and received very good reviews in national and international specialised press.

It is interesting to note that a co-founder of Kameleon Records, Paweł Nawara, is one of the performers.

Exclusive edition in a fold-out, laminated, highly tasteful card sleeve with a 24-page booklet (!!!) and a special CD envelope



  1. Antonio Lauro - Vals Venezolano No.3 (3'23)
  2. Eduardo Falú - La Cuartelera (zamba) (2'50)
  3. Domingo Prat - Chacarera (1'45)
  4. Remo Pignoni - Pa' la Dorita (gato) (1'53)
  5. Remo Pignoni - Por el Sur (huella) (2'56)
  6. Remo Pignoni - Pal' Ñato (chacarera) (1'28)
  7. Gerónimo Bianqui Piñero - Del Tiempo E'Ñaupa (milonga urbana) (3'29)
  8. Ariel Ramìrez - La Peregrinación (huella) (2'32)
  9. Antonio Lauro - Vals Venozolano No.2 (1'44)
  10. Atahualpa Yupanqui - La Pobrecita (zamba) (3'34)
  11. Viva Jujuy - folklor argentyński (bailecito) (2'32)
  12. Jõao Teixeira Guimaraes (Pernambuco) - Sons de Carrilhões (choro) (2'23)
  13. Jorge Cardoso - Pablo de los Regresos (huella) (2'01)
  14. Jorge Cardoso - Milonga (4'00)
  15. Jorge Cardoso - Gato (1'36)
  16. Astor Piazzolla - Otoño Porteño (tango) (4'08)
  17. Astor Piazzolla - Invierno Porteño (tango) (3'23)
  18. Astor Piazzolla - Primavera Porteña (tango) (4'50)
  19. Manuel María Ponce - Scherzino Mexicano (3'18)
  20. Ariel Ramìrez - La Anunciación (chamamé) (2'09)
  21. Henryk Wars - Zapomnisz o mnie (tango) (2'37)
  22. Zulema Alcayaga - Quiero ser tu sombra /La Partida/ (vals peruano) (4'28)

W okresie 20 czerwca-15 września działamy w trybie wakacyjno-urlopowym. W tym czasie wysyłki będą odbywać się raz na 7-10 dni.