Romuald & Roman

The Polish Psychedelic Trip 1968-1971

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For the first time on vinyl !!!

Romuald & Roman is the greatest and the most legendary psychedelic band of the late 60’s. In the later period, the band’s sound became heavier, leaning towards hard rock.

This record features the band’s most interesting recordings from 1968-1971, inspired by artists including early Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath.

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Those not very familiar with Romuald & Roman’s works will find it striking how fantastic and fresh their music sounds compared to other bands from that period – more popular but, as a result, more agreeable.

Beside the songs released to date on CDs, the album features three songs published for the first time, produced in 1969 for Telewizyjny Ekran Młodych: Słońce do rąk, R i R (not the version known from Ze szpulowcbigbitowca audition), Kamień (different from the released radio version).

All tracks have been remastered from the original master tapes and sound excellent.

The album is engraved on a thick record and has a beautiful shiny, laminated fold-out cover

Each LP comes with an additional fold-out insert.

Only 300 copies have been produced, 77 of which were engraved on a psychedelic transparent pink vinyl record.

Those put off by the low-quality bootleg colour records can rest assured – both black and colour records produce PERFECT quality sound.

  1. Pytanie czy hasło (5'12)
  2. Kto poznał ten świat (2'48)
  3. Znasz ten dom (4'13)
          3 ZNASZ TEN DOM
  4. A ja nigdy i basta (2'32)
          4 A JA NIGDY I BASTA
  5. Słońce do rąk (3'07)
          5 SLONCE DO RAK
  6. Gdyby przebaczać mogli wszyscy (2'50)
  7. Kamień (wersja telewizyjna) (7'02)
          7 KAMIEN
  8. Człowiek (5'35)
          8 CZLOWIEK
  9. Bobas (3'00)
          9 BOBAS
  10. R i R (wersja telewizyjna) (5'10)
          10 R I R
  11. Na twój znak (3'47)
          11 NA TWOJ ZNAK
  12. Wszystko ci kupiłem (2'20)
  13. Czy potrafię (7'15)
          13 CZY ZDAZE

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