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Harmonia swiata (2018 edition)

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Skaldowie are one of the best and most popular bands in the history of Polish rock music.


In their first period of activity, they played beat inspired by classical music. They then progressed towards ambitious progressive rock where the Hammond organ sound played a dominant role. In the second half of the 70’s, they returned to a simpler synthesis of art rock and pop.


A reissue of the long sold-out Skaldowie album from 2006.

The CD is packed in a new and (in our humble opinion) more interesting cover. The attached book contains a number of photos from the album recording session.

The original set is topped up with two additional recordings.

The remastering has rendered the material slightly more distinct, spacious and natural.

19 recordings, over 76 minutes of music !!!

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Catalogue number: KAMCD 72

The album Harmonia Świata is the band’s 2006 comeback to the phonographic market following the longplay Nie domykajmy drzwi (recorded without Andrzej Zieliński’s participation) and two theme albums (Moje Betlejem and Skaldowie dzieciom).

The album features songs by Andrzej and Jacek Zieliński, placed within various styles and genres: highly melodious retro style (Mieszkasz w moim śnie), pop-like (Świat cały z tobą), blues (Blues zmęczony nocą), highland-themed (Lej dyscyku, lej), interwoven with classical music quotes (Jestem stąd), marked by heavy rock riffs (Białe lawiny), highly lyrical (Pierwszy pocałunek, Harmonia świata), drawing on sung poetry (Wiatr, deszcz i ja), and retrospective (Tyle).

Although the album consists of diverse high-quality material, it was unfortunately not well-promoted on the radio. As a result, it effectively reached only the most faithful of fans.

We hope that, with this reissue, this underrated album will finally gain appreciation from a wider audience.

  1. Świat cały z tobą (3'52)
  2. Mieszkasz w moim śnie (2'57)
  3. Szepty i wiara (4'42)
  4. Lej dyscyku, lej (3'23)
  5. Morskie Oko - dwa zachwyty (3'48)
  6. Białe lawiny (5'27)
  7. Ulica Stachowicza (3'26)
  8. Za dużo w naszym lesie drzew (3'31)
  9. Pierwszy pocałunek (3'17)
  10. Wiatr, deszcz i ja (2'02)
  11. Nie niszczmy zieleni (4'04)
  12. Kosmogonie (4'00)
  13. Jestem stąd (5'10)
  14. Blues zmęczony nocą (4'45)
  15. Tyle (4'53)
  16. Nasza patetyczna (4'10)
  17. Harmonia świata (5'34)
  18. Mieszkasz w moim śnie (alternatywny mix) (3'06)
  19. Tyle (alternatywny mix) (3'37)

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