Krywan Sessions 71-73 (Complete German Recordings)

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Skaldowie are one of the best and most popular bands in the history of Polish rock music.

In their first period of activity, they played beat inspired by classical music. They then progressed towards ambitious progressive rock where the Hammond organ sound played a dominant role. In the second half of the 70’s, they returned to a simpler synthesis of art rock and pop.

For the first time on vinyl, COMPLETE Skaldowie recordings produced in the studios of the German radio that make up a FULL alternative (by no means worse) album Krywań, Krywań.


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Exceptional progressive performance.

Top quality studio recordings remastered from the master tapes.

An additional live version of the song Gdzie mam ciebie szukać, recorded in 1973 in Germany along with the rest of the album.

The laminated fold-out cover has been decorated with the photos by Marek Karewicz.

The LP released in only 250 copies !!!

  1. Krywaniu, Krywaniu (Krywań, Krywań) (19'51)
          01 Krywan, Krywan
  2. Juhas zmarł (Der Hirtenjunge ist gestorben) (4'28)
          02 Der Hirtenjunge ist gestorben
  3. Noch liebe ich (Jeszcze kocham) (2'41)
          03 Noch liebe ich
  4. Heidelbeeren (Gdzie mam ciebie szukać) (5'28)
          04 Heidelbeeren
  5. Fioletowa dama (Mädchen in Violett) (5'14)
          05 Madchen in Violett
  6. Gdzie mam ciebie szukać (live) (Wo soll ich dich suchen) (5'17)
          06 Gdzie mam ciebie szukac

UWAGA !!! W miesiącach lipcu i sierpniu zamówione płyty wysyłamy raz w tygodniu.