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Nie domykajmy drzwi (2012 remaster)

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Skaldowie are one of the best and most popular bands in the history of Polish rock music.

In their first period of activity, they played beat inspired by classical music. They then progressed towards ambitious progressive rock where the Hammond organ sound played a dominant role. In the second half of the 70’s, they returned to a simpler synthesis of art rock and pop.

Skaldowie’s twelfth album, for the first time on a single CD

This (slightly underrated) album was produced in the late 80’s without the participation of Andrzej Zieliński, who was until then the band’s leader. Decades after the release, it still sounds great, captivating the listener with its inventive melody patterns and arrangements.

7 extra recordings, over 74 minutes of music !!!


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Catalogue number: KAMCD 12 Data wydania: 19.12.2012

Radio versions of 7 recordings from the album

20-page colour book, containing the lyrics of all songs, the original design of the album cover, and many unique photographs, descriptions, and interesting facts related to the songs

  1. Chcę powrócić (3'45)
  2. Niebo w twoich rękach (3'31)
  3. Agata sałata (3'34)
  4. Żaglowiec siedmiu mórz (3'38)
  5. Gwiazda piołun (3'56)
  6. Błogosławiona bezsenność (3'44)
  7. Nie domykajmy drzwi (4'28)
  8. Kruku czarny, gołębico (4'10)
  9. Karty życia (3'35)
  10. Jaka słodka, cudowna noc (5'15)
  11. Księżycowa zatoka (4'21)
  12. Nie domykajmy drzwi (wersja radiowa) (4'54)
  13. Kruku czarny gołębico (wersja radiowa) (5'05)
  14. Żaglowiec siedmiu mórz (wersja radiowa) (3'44)
  15. Niebo w twoich rękach (wersja radiowa) (3'26)
  16. Agata sałata (wersja radiowa) (4'01)
  17. Gwiazda piołun (wersja radiowa) (3'51)
  18. Księżycowa zatoka (wersja radiowa) (4'57)

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