Podroz magiczna

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Skaldowie are one of the best and most popular bands in the history of Polish rock music.

In their first period of activity, they played beat inspired by classical music. They then progressed towards ambitious progressive rock where the Hammond organ sound played a dominant role. In the second half of the 70’s, they returned to a simpler synthesis of art rock and pop.

Long anticipated, newly corrected edition of the Skaldowie album most sought after on CD.

The album consists of only four long instrumental pieces, lasting overall 76 minutes !!!

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Additional DVD (region 0) with the ballet film Podróż magiczna

The album is a fascinating journey into art rock and prog rock as well as film, stage and experimental music.

The CD features – along with the already released art rock suites Podróż magiczna and Zimowa bajka – suite from the film Jak to się robi, surviving only by a miracle and an experimental piece combining the contemporary and rock music, performed by the symphonic orchestra — Concerto grosso na grupę beatową i orkiestrę

The additional DVD with the ballet film Podróż magiczna includes the perfectly remastered soundtrack

The release features a new cover drawing on the ballet scenography and a 20-page colour book, offering full information on all songs and unique photographs

  1. Podróż magiczna - suita baletowa (31'43)
          01 Podroz magiczna +
  2. Zimowa bajka (14'19)
          02 Zimowa bajka
  3. Jak to się robi - suita filmowa (20'23)
          03 Jak to sie robi
  4. Conterto grosso na grupę beatową i orkiestrę (10'01)
          04 Concerto grosso