W zoltych plomieniach lisci (deluxe edition)

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Skaldowie are one of the best and most popular bands in the history of Polish rock music.

In their first period of activity, they played beat inspired by classical music. They then progressed towards ambitious progressive rock where the Hammond organ sound played a dominant role. In the second half of the 70’s, they returned to a simpler synthesis of art rock and pop.

For the first time on vinyl !!!

A collection of recordings originally made for TVP programmes Życzliwi (1969) and Gusła (1970).

A unique combination of Andrzej Zieliński in his most ear-catching period of activity with Agnieszka Osiecka’s poetic vibe.

All tracks have been remastered from the original master tapes and sound excellent.


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DELUXE EDITION – engraved on a traditional black vinyl record, contains a 12-page book.

Only 100 copies have been produced!

The album captures the most mature part of the big beat period of Skaldowie’s activity (with distinct jazz flavours), not long before their progressive revolution.

Beside three recordings once accessible in Polskie Nagrania’s low-quality fourth release (the volume of the song Czarodzieje was mercilessly turned down), all included songs are released on vinyl for the first time.

The collection features, among others, the best version of one of the most beautiful Polish songs, recorded on the radio – W żółtych płomieniach liści – and the song Dzień dobry, do widzenia recorded in a progressive session in West Germany in 1971.

The release features an attractive graphic design and additional materials (included in deluxe and super deluxe editions).


  1. Pod górkę (4'21)
          01 - Pod gorke
  2. Czarodzieje (3'01)
          02 - Czarodzieje
  3. Piosenka o Zielińskiej (4'29)
          03 - Piosenka o Zielinskiej
  4. Dojeżdżam (2'51)
          04 - Dojezdzam
  5. Ni to, ni sio (2'12)
          05 - Ni to ni sio
  6. Pod górkę (wersja radiowa) (3'49)
          06 - Pod gorke (wersja radiowa)
  7. Czarodzieje (wersja instrumentalna) (4'29)
          07 - Czarodzieje (wersja instrumentalna)
  8. Nie ma szatana (2'46)
          08 - Nie ma szatana (PR 1970)
  9. W żółtych płomieniach liści (5'21)
          09 - W zoltych plomieniach lisci (PR 1970)
  10. Migdały, rodzynki (3'13)
          10 - Migdaly rodzynki (PR 1970)
  11. Gorzko mi (3'11)
          11 - Gorzko mi
  12. Nie szukaj bracie dawnych dróg (3'11)
          12 - Nie szukaj bracie dawnych drog (PR 1970)
  13. Dzień dobry, do widzenia (3'23)
          13 - Dzien dobry do widzenia
  14. Dzień dobry, do widzenia (wersja alternatywna) (2'45)
          14 - Dzien dobry do widzenia

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