Zimowa bajka (standard edition)

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Skaldowie are one of the best and most popular bands in the history of Polish rock music.

In their first period of activity, they played beat inspired by classical music. They then progressed towards ambitious progressive rock where the Hammond organ sound played a dominant role. In the second half of the 70’s, they returned to a simpler synthesis of art rock and pop.

For the first time on vinyl !!!

A fascinating trip into the progressive areas of Skaldowie’s music.

All tracks have been remastered from the original master tapes and sound excellent.


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STANDARD EDITION – engraved on a traditional black vinyl record, WITHOUT the 8-page book and a poster.

Only 100 copies have been produced!

The album is a fascinating music trip into the art rock, prog rock, experimental, film and stage music.

The longplay contains only 4 instrumental songs, recorded during the years 1973 to 1979.

Beside two long suites Zimowa bajka and Jak to się robi the LP contains an experimental song performed with a symphonic orchestra – Concerto grosso na grupę beatową i orkiestrę and, rich with the sound of analogue synthesizers, Wiązanka tematów góralskich.

The release features an attractive graphic design and additional materials (included in deluxe and super deluxe editions).




  1. Zimowa bajka (suita sceniczna) (14'19)
          01 Zimowa bajka
  2. Concerto grosso na grupę beatową i orkiestrę (10'01)
          02 Concerto grosso
  3. Jak to się robi (suita filmowa) (20'23)
          03 Jak to sie robi
  4. Wiązanka tematów góralskich (6'17)
          04 Wiązanka tematów góralskich

UWAGA !!! W miesiącach lipcu i sierpniu zamówione płyty wysyłamy raz w tygodniu.