Projections Form The Past

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Catalogue number: KAMDISC 02/03


“We are the puppets with the illusion of freedom”

A line taken from one of the songs of this conceptual album, which I have the honor of presenting to you.

It’s a glimpse into the mind of a genius of the broken, whose “Projections from the Past” is the first act of the album.

“Projections from the Past” is an album that tells the story of an ordinary man who’s tired of the reality surrounding him and decides to take part in a project, which aims to achieve the survival of the human race.

Our lost soul agrees to hibernates, adrift in time to seek the unknown….

This album is a journey into a twisted nightmare of our future, where humanity is lost in the dark after the nuclear apocalypse, huddled around the dying of the light. Our lost soul adrift in time awakes to the hangover of humanity, who tries to lead a normal life in the empty shell of the last city called “The Place”.

The last shreds of civilization fight for survival not only with the surrounding hordes of bloodthirsty monsters, the evil mutation of the darkness that hides at the heart of mankind and the rain of atomic bombs.

The Place is ruled by a faceless ruthless tyrant and creator of the project, the mysterious Professor X.

I’d like to invite you to come away with me through a musical journey the world of the future, for us today completely strange, abstract and scary.

Glimpse the gloom of the future, let the music take you through time and space into unknown, get to know the story of an ordinary person, maybe this story is a story of all of us….

  1. World Demise
  2. Nuclear Cage
  3. World In Red
  4. Projections Form The Past
  5. Like A Ghost
  6. Sinful Dreams
  7. Darkness
  8. Vicious Machines
  9. The Place
  10. Puppets Of The Creator
  11. Dead Demons
  12. Now It's Clear
  13. Stardust
  14. 30 Silver Coins
  15. Mountain Of Doom
  16. Lost In Time

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