FBI (A collection of rare recordings 1959-1962)

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A real treat for fans of the most famous guitar group in the history of popular music!!!

As a part of our cooperation with other small independent publishers (this time it’s Dusty
Tapes), we present a CD that features authentic rare and very rare recordings of The
Shadows from 1959-1962.

ANYONE of these recordings (in these versions) didn’t appear on any catalog on CDs and
compilations released for years by EMI, and now by Warner Music.

2/3 of the album are recordings of perfect quality, while the remaining 1/3 are extremely
valuable archives, which, unfortunately, have been preserved only in very average and only
existed copies.

CD is an absolute must-have for all collectors the band’s rare recordings.

However, we do not recommend the CD to someone who would like to have only Greatest
Hits album in their collections.

34 recordings and over 79 minutes of music!!

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Catalogue number: DUSTYCD 01 Genre: Instrumental Beat
Type of disc: CD
  • 5 very rare studio recordings in perfect quality (including the stereo and true “wide” version
    of the famous FBI track — the stereo versions released so far on CDs had either a terrible sound or
    a narrowed panorama; a completely different, early take of Guitar Tango — still with Jet
    Harris on bass guitar; “clean” version of Happy Birthday To You track — version known from
    Cliff Richard’s LP – 21 Today has a drowned out sound The Shadows playing.
  • 8 BBC recordings in really perfect quality (including unpublished versions of Man of Mystery
    and Perfidia)
  • 11 concert recordings from the Paris Olympia from 1961/1962 (top quality) assembled into
    one smooth concert (without mute applause), supplemented with slightly worse quality, but
    very valuable for collectors recordings from British TV performances and other concerts
    from the era (including the unique vocal song More Than I Can Say, to which the band
    returned in instrumental and other arrangements only in 1981 on the album Hits Right Up
    Your Street)
  • 7 tracks from the session for Radio Luxembourg (unfortunately preserved only in purely
    collector-quality off-air, but here sounding really decent) — 4 of these compositions (Cerveza,
    Barney’s Blues, Licorice, Three-30-Blues) have never been released on any band album!!!
  • all recordings have been really very carefully remastered from the best-preserved copies
    and, what is important, except for the optimal (for archival recordings) sound they have the
    corrected speed here
  • edition in a gatefold, laminated card sleeve with a special envelope for the album, referring
    to the covers of the British singles of the band from 1960-1962



  1. FBI (original wide stereo mix) (2'19)
  2. 36-24-36 (with studio chat at the beginning) (1'43)
  3. Happy Birthday To You (full undubbed version) (1'33)
  4. Guitar Tango (early take with Jet Harris on bass) (2'17)
  5. All Day (alternate version from Japanese LP) (2'36)
  6. Driftin' (BBC 1959) (2'26)
  7. Jet Black (BBC 1959) (2'15)
  8. Guitar Boogie (BBC 1959) (1'49)
  9. Apache (BBC 1960) (2'50)
  10. Quatermassters Stores (BBC 1960) (1'50)
  11. Man Of Mystery (BBC 1960) (1'54)
  12. Perfidia (BBC 1962) (1'53)
  13. Apache (BBC 1960) (2'44)
  14. Shazam! (Live In Paris 1961/62) (2'05)
  15. Shadoogie (Live In Paris 1961/62) (3'38)
  16. Stranger On The Shore (Live In Paris 1962) (2'25)
  17. The Frightened City (Live In Paris 1961/62) (2'26)
  18. Do You Wanna Dance (Live In Paris 1962) (2'05)
  19. Man Of Mystery (Live In Paris 1961/62) (2'03)
  20. Nivram (Live In Paris 1961/62) (3'26)
  21. Kon Tiki (Live In Paris 1961) (2'16)
  22. Midnight (Live In Paris 1961/62) (3'06)
  23. Apache (Live In Paris 1961/62) (2'46)
  24. The Frightened City (Crackerjack 1961) (2'26)
  25. FBI (Crackerjack 1961) (2'17)
  26. Wonderful Land (Royal Variety Show 1962) (2'11)
  27. More Than I Can Say (Live In Copenhagen 1961) (2'16)
  28. Cerveza (Radio Luxembourg 1960) (1'44)
  29. Walk Don't Run (Radio Luxembourg 1960) (2'04)
  30. Bongo Blues (Radio Luxembourg 1960) (1'39)
  31. Three-30-Blues (Radio Luxembourg 1960) (1'37)
  32. Barney's Blues (Radio Luxembourg 1961) (2'45)
  33. The Savage (Radio Luxembourg 1961) (2'11)
  34. Licorice (Radio Luxembourg 1962) (3'06)

Zakończyliśmy wielką promocję winyli w naszym sklepie, aczkolwiek część czarnych krążków (absolutne resztki nakładów) wciąż można nabyć po nieco niższych cenach. Uporządkowaliśmy także system wysyłek. Teraz powoli zaczynamy przygotowywanie kolejnych pozycji, których wysyp (o ile wszystko się uda) powinien nastąpić w drugiej połowie roku.