The Shadows

In Concert vol.3 (1964)

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A real treat for fans of the most famous guitar group in the history of popular music!!!

After the well-received discs of unreleased The Shadows recordings made for BBC and TV, Dusty Tapes continues its series with the band’s archives – the project named “In Concert”. It includes all the concert recordings of the band from the 60’s that have been found so far. Of course, it can’t be guaranteed that there are no undiscovered tapes with the group’s performances in the band’s and private archives. If you manage to find them, they will certainly be included in future releases.

            Fortunately, there are over 140 tracks on the discs, lasting almost seven and a half hours in total. They were recorded during 18 band concerts between 1961 and 1969. The whole material has been meticulously restored sonically. The speed of all tracks has been corrected and the dates of creation and recording methods have been described in detail. As is the case with archival records, the quality of the material varies. From perfect recordings, sourcing from the mixing desks, to very average recordings recorded amateurishly from the audience. Fortunately, recordings of very decent quality prevail, especially considering the time of their creation. In addition, this material should be treated primarily historically, as a chronicle of the concert activities of the best guitar band in history. All CDs are packed in laminated, fold-out colorful card sleeves, full of scans of memorabilia related to the presented material. The discs themselves, whose print refer to the labels of English LPs from the 1960s, are placed in special, printed envelopes. The series is another excellent addition to the band’s catalogue discography, being a must-have for all fans of The Shadows.

23 recordings and over 68 minutes of music !!!

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  1. In The Mood (Live in Denmark 1964)
  2. Dance On! (Live in Denmark 1964)
          02 DANCE ON (DENMARK 1964)
  3. Nivram (Live in Denmark 1964)
  4. Foot Tapper (Live in Denmark 1964)
  5. A Little Bitty Tear (Live in Denmark 1964)
  6. The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt (Live in Denmark 1964)
  7. Apache (Live in Denmark 1964)
  8. Sleepwalk (Live in Denmark 1964)
  9. Big B (Live in Denmark 1964)
  10. FBI (Live in Denmark 1964)
  11. Chattanooga Choo-Choo (Live in Belgium 1964)
  12. Dance On! (Live in Belgium 1964)
  13. Nivram (Live in Belgium 1964)
  14. Foot Tapper (Live in Belgium 1964)
  15. A Little Bitty Tear (Live in Belgium 1964)
  16. The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt (Live in Belgium 1964)
  17. Apache (Live in Belgium 1964)
  18. Sleepwalk (Live in Belgium 1964)
  19. FBI (Live in Belgium 1964)
  20. Nivram (Live in France 1964)
          20 NIVRAM (FRANCE 1964)
  21. Apache (Live in France 1964)
  22. A Little Bitty Tear (Live in France 1964)
  23. The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt (Live in France 1964)

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