Lost BBC Sessions vol.1 (1959-1964)

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As 2020 turns into 2021, we see the release of two CDs collecting together 51 tracks by The Shadows recorded for BBC radio between 1959 and 1968. Many of the recordings in these versions have never been released before on any Shadows album. This sensational collection, entitled Lost BBC Sessions, could never have been created without the great commitment and dedication of the band’s fans, who recorded 1950s / 60s radio programs featuring the Shadows on their home tape recorders. So, thanks to them because they have ensured the survival of these priceless recordings for posterity. The CDs will only feature ‘Off-Air’ recordings, but in really very good / excellent sound quality. Only two or three of the absolutely unique tracks will (for collectors / historical reasons) be included in poor quality sound. Both discs will be released in laminated, coloured card sleeves with a special envelope for the disc, as well as an insert with detailed descriptions of the recordings – with professionally edited recording session dates. All of the recordings have been remastered from the best available sources with optimal sound restoration and corrected speed. These sets – containing as they do, every known surviving ‘Off -Air’ recording – are prepared especially to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the band. They are an absolute must for all fans and collectors of The Shadows recordings.

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Catalogue number: DUSTYCD 04 Genre: Instrumental Beat
Type of disc: CD
  1. Driftin' (Saturday Club 1959) (2'26)
  2. Jet Black (Saturday Club 1959) (2'15)
  3. Guitar Boogie (Saturday Club 1959) (1'49)
  4. Jet Black (Saturday Club 1959) (2'05)
  5. Dooby Dooby Dah (Saturday Club 1960) (1'43)
  6. 3.30 Blues (Saturday Club 1960) (2'26)
  7. Quatermasster's Stores (Saturday Club 1960) (1'50)
  8. Apache (Saturday Club 1960) (2'49)
  9. Cerveza (Saturday Club 1960) (1'38)
  10. Walk Don't Run (Saturday Club 1960) (2'05)
  11. Man Of Mystery (Saturday Club 1960) (1'53)
  12. Apache (Saturday Club 1960) (2'45)
  13. The Stranger (Saturday Club 1960) (2'35)
  14. Driftin' (Saturday Club 1960) (2'21)
  15. The Stranger (Saturday Club 1960) (2'36)
  16. Man Of Mystery (Saturday Club 1960) (1'56)
  17. Perfidia (Saturday Club 1961) (2'06)
  18. Apache (Easy Beat 1961) (2'46)
  19. The Frightened City (Easy Beat 1961) (2'17)
  20. Stars Feel On Stockton (Saturday Club 1962) (2'06)
  21. The Boys (Saturday Club 1962) (2'12)
  22. Pete Murray Solves Geographical & Musical Confusion (Speech) (0'33)
  23. Dance On! (The Star Show 1962) (2'10)
  24. Nivram (The Star Show 1963) (2'49)
  25. Foot Tapper (The Star Show 1963) (2'32)
  26. In The Mood (Saturday Club 1964) (2'09)

Zakończyliśmy wielką promocję winyli w naszym sklepie, aczkolwiek część czarnych krążków (absolutne resztki nakładów) wciąż można nabyć po nieco niższych cenach. Uporządkowaliśmy także system wysyłek. Teraz powoli zaczynamy przygotowywanie kolejnych pozycji, których wysyp (o ile wszystko się uda) powinien nastąpić w drugiej połowie roku.