The Shadows

On TV vol.4 (1967-1968)

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A real treat for fans of the most famous guitar group in the history of popular music!!!

Here with another fantastic edition from Dusty Tapes directed at The Shadows fans. Following records with radio edits, here comes the time for British TV edits. Those have been collected on 4 CDs which add up to 95 (!!!) recordings that have never been published before from 1961 to 1968 period. The series is entitled The Shadows on TV. Countless versions of most popular hits as well as compositions never meant to be published may be found there, e.g. Never On A Sunday, All Through The Night, You’ve Gotta Haver Heart, The Shoop Shoop Song, Memories Are Made Of This, Puttin’ On A Style, or Chicago. All recordings come from off-air sources because the original tapes have been long lost or erased. The quality, with some exceptions, is very good although not perfect while some of the tracks are truly excellent. Taking into consideration the archive and collectors’ value of this material and the extreme rarity of it, we decided to gather complete material disregarding the quality. Whole collection has been very carefully remastered and restored with corrected speed. The CDs have been issued in luxurious gatefold with laminated card sleeves, including professional sleeve notes about the material and detailed source of each recording. The records are inside dedicated colorful inserts. Labels’ design correspond in style with the band’s vinyl records from the 60’s. It is an excellent supplement to the official discography and an absolute must have for The Shadows fans.

20 recordings and over 53 minutes of music !!!

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  1. Bombay Duck (Blackpool Night Out 1967) (1'56)
          01 BOMBAY DUCK
  2. Sleepwalk (Blackpool Night Out 1967) (1'58)
  3. Foot Tapper (Blackpool Night Out 1967) (2'31)
  4. Announcement (Blackpool Night Out 1967) (0'28)
  5. San Francisco (Blackpool Night Out 1967) (3'06)
  6. Chat (Dee Time 1967) (1'49)
  7. Running Out Of World (Dee Time 1967) (2'25)
  8. Chat (Dee Time 1967) (0'44)
  9. Lara's Theme (Val Doonican Show 1967) (2'10)
  10. Chat (Val Doonican Show 1967) (1'18)
  11. Puttin' On The Style (Val Doonican Show 1967) (2'22)
  12. Me Oh My (Aladdin 1967) (2'16)
  13. Friends (Aladdin 1967) (2'33)
  14. Naughty Nippon Nights (The Mike And Bernie Winters Show 1968) (2'07)
  15. London's Not Too Far (The Mike And Bernie Winters Show 1968) (2'37)
  16. Nivram-Your Cheating Heart (The Jimmy Tarbuck Show 1968) (1'43)
  17. Dear Old Mrs Bell (The Jimmy Tarbuck Show 1968) (2'20)
          17 DEAR OLD MRS BELL
  18. Puttin' On The Style (The Jimmy Tarbuck Show 1968) (2'51)
  19. Chat (The Des O’Connor Show 1968) (1'12)
  20. What Can I Do (The Des O’Connor Show 1968) (3'28)
  21. Cool Water (The Des O’Connor Show 1968) (1'58)
  22. Naughty Nippon Nights (The Big Show 1968) (2'02)
  23. London's Not Too Far (The Big Show 1968) (2'37)
  24. Cool Water (After Ten Fellas: Ten! 1968) (2'33)
  25. Chicago (At The Movies 1968) (1'53)
          25 CHICAGO

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