Another Smash (stereo/mono plus bonus tracks)

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New edition of the third album by The Ventures.

  • Including stereo and mono versions of the album tracks plus additional recordings
  • CD was very carefully remastered and sounds better than ever (especially mono mix) !!!
  • Elegant edition in a gatefold card sleeve with a special insert for CD
  • A great alternative to the very expensive and no longer available Japanese edition

31 recordings and over 70 minutes of music !!!

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Catalogue number: DUSTYCD 10 Genre: Instrumental Beat
Type of disc: CD
  1. (Ghost) Riders In The Sky (stereo)
  2. Wheels (stereo)
  3. Lonely Heart (stereo)
  4. Bulldog (stereo)
  5. Lullaby Of The Leaves (stereo)
  6. Beyond The Reef (stereo)
  7. Raw-Hide (stereo)
  8. Meet Mister Callahan (stereo)
  9. Trambone (stereo)
  10. Last Date (stereo)
  11. Ginchy (stereo)
  12. Josie (stereo)
  13. (Ghost) Riders In The Sky (mono)
  14. Wheels (mono)
  15. Lonely Heart (mono)
  16. Bulldog (mono)
  17. Lullaby Of The Leaves (mono)
  18. Beyond The Reef (mono)
  19. Raw-Hide (mono)
  20. Meet Mister Callahan (mono)
  21. Trambone (mono)
  22. Last Date (mono)
  23. Ginchy (mono)
  24. Josie (mono)
  25. Blue Hawaii
  26. Golden Earings
  27. Deep Purple
  28. Travelin' Man
  29. Tammy
  30. Hawaiian Wedding Song
  31. Mr. Blue (document rare track)

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