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Troche zal

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Wojciech Skowroński was the greatest interpreter of rock ‘n’ roll, boogie, rock, soul, and jazz fusion in history. Gifted with a high-pitched, wonderfully projected rock ‘n’ roll voice and brilliant piano technique, the artist effortlessly covered Western standards and successfully composed his own works in the style of Anglo-Saxon songs. Wojciech Skowroński’s band were good live performers. On stage, their songs regularly turned into long, over 10-minute intricate improvisations.

A fantastic selection of Wojciech Skowroński’s radio and TV recordings in years 1970-1973

The album is the first of the 4 planned parts of a collection covering all radio, TV and concert Skowroński’s recordings in years 1970-1979.

Wojciech Skowroński’s music is a mixture of rock n’ roll, blues, jazz, and soul. The brilliant piano part and Skowroński’s stylish, high-pitched voice will capture the listener’s attention.

20 recordings, over 78 minutes of music !!!

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Catalogue number: KAMCD 63

For the first time on a CD, carefully organised and professionally edited set of Wojciech Skowroński’s recordings from the initial period of his solo career

A complete debut EP from 1971

Songs extracted from the dusty archives, produced for TVP programmes, featuring Georgia On My Mind among others

Many never published, sought after by radio recording collectors: Błękitna rzeka pełna światła, W klubie among others

Original radio versions of songs known from the debut LP: Rock and rolla każdy zna, Gdybyś miał dwa życia, Kominiarz Johnny and others

2 freely improvised covers of songs from Ludmiła Jakubczak’s reportoire performed in November 1973sessions

The material has been fully remastered from master tapes and sounds excellent.

The colourful 20-page book, contains, among others, plenty of unique photos and a detailed in-depth comment.

Why search for rare recordings of Wojciech Skowroński in popular compilations (mostly badly edited) when you can invest in an orderly compendium of knowledge on the artist’s music, prepared in cooperation with many people who themselves participated in the recording?

More than a must for all fans of Polish rock music, big beat, blues, jazz and soul.

  1. Trochę żal (2'26)
  2. Za rok (2'37)
  3. Miałem sen (2'12)
  4. Nas trzech (3'45)
  5. Alleluja, przecież kocham ją (wersja telewizyjna) (3'13)
  6. Georgia On My Mind (5'52)
  7. Kominiarz Johnny (wersja telewizyjna) (3'00)
  8. Równy był gość (wersja telewizyjna) (2'34)
  9. Kasztanowe marzenia (4'01)
  10. Błękitna rzeka pełna światła (4'47)
  11. Wołaj, czekaj, wspomnij, szukaj (2'31)
  12. Gdybyś miał dwa życia (wersja radiowa) (4'32)
  13. Rock and rolla każdy zna (wersja radiowa) (3'04)
  14. Alleluja, przecież kocham ją (wersja radiowa) (3'09)
  15. Kominiarz Johnny (wersja radiowa) (3'56)
  16. Równy był gość (wersja radiowa) (2'43)
  17. W klubie (6'33)
  18. Blues to zawsze blues jest (4'47)
  19. Do widzenia Teddy (5'50)
  20. Wakacje z duchami (6'31)

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